Oh! We know you’re thinking it. And yes, it’s meant to be exactly that. So strap yourself in and let’s give you some context because it’s important to understand how this all came to be and why we do it.


Everything and we figured life’s too short to be boring

We are Functions & Catering – F & C for short. We have created a platform which brings your function spaces to life and lets the thousands of people looking for venues and catering every day, find you.

We like to think of ourselves as a revolution against all the other platforms that think it’s okay to take a big cut of your profits when someone makes a booking through them. We don’t.

At F & C, we love the small venue operators who haven’t got the budget of the larger mobs. That’s where we can truly make a difference.

As a venue or caterer, in a few clicks, you can list your venues (and all it’s spaces) on F & C.

As someone looking for a venue or caterer, you are moments away from booking the exact venue of your choice, the caterer, the services, all under one roof.


F & C is all about our love of events, food and putting on a great show – in fact we are F& Crazy about it. The platform showcases your spaces and brings them to life. Other than the added exposure, F & C also helps you, the venue providers and the caterers sustain and grow your businesses, and build a trust bank of fans who are all cheering for you.

We have created a platform that brings out the best in us as function operators, caterers and users, a culture that inspires people to step up, care more, keep it real, do some good and have fun. Because after all, functions are about fun! (mostly).


In the end, if we are not having fun, we ain’t doing it right. This is not just another listing place, it’s a whole different ball game.

Right then, now that we’ve established why we do what we do, let’s get YOU started.